Study finds three popular eating habits and intermittent fasting can bring huge health benefits

Three popular eating habits and intermittent, prolonged eating habits are associated with important health benefits that don’t just reduce weight. The findings came from the University of Otago, which reported that lowering blood sugar and blood pressure was one of the benefits associated with these diets and fasting.

Study finds three popular eating habits and intermittent fasting can bring huge health benefits

Fashionable diets come and go in reality, but some can last a long time and even get the approval of health organizations and doctors.

The first natural is the Mediterranean diet, which has been associated with a variety of positive health changes many times over the years, in many studies. Two other popular diets assessed by recent studies are intermittent fasting and paleodiets.

The researchers studied the three diets to see how effective they were in the real world, rather than clinically, meaning that all 250 participants were asked to choose their favorite diet and stick to their diet, especially without any ongoing support from a dietitian.

The study found that all three diets had health benefits. For example, intermittent fasting, which allows people to avoid eating for 12 to 18 hours a day, has a lot to do with weight loss – not surprisingly, given that participants consumed only about 500 calories a day, two days a week.

In contrast, participants who took the Mediterranean diet were more likely to experience an improvement in blood sugar levels. Both fasting and Mediterranean diets were associated with a “significant improvement” in blood pressure measurements. Controlling blood pressure is an important factor in reducing heart disease and many other health problems.

The results suggest that certain diets may be more beneficial to some people than others, because no diet is the perfect choice for everyone. For example, people with high blood pressure may benefit from a Mediterranean diet rather than an ancient diet. In all three diets, the Mediterranean diet was found to be the most followed by participants.