U.S. Treasury Secretary satirizes Sweden’s green girl: go to college to read the economy

As for the “green girls” criticism of U.S. climate policy, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin was dismissive: before pointing to U.S. policy, go to college and finish an economics course. Mnuchin attended the Davos Forum in Sweden on Wednesday, CNN reported. Mr. Trump and Mr. Tomberg also attended the forum, and the two also held a round of “differences” over the former’s “one trillion trees” initiative.

U.S. Treasury Secretary satirizes Sweden's green girl: go to college to read the economy

Previously, Tomberg appeared on the cover of Time magazine 2019. And when asked by a reporter what she said about her proposal to stop investing in fossil fuels, Mnuchin “pretended not to know”: “Who is she (Tombri)?” Chief economist? “

Mnuchin then admitted that he was joking and admonished a 17-year-old “green girl”: “First go to college and finish her economics course, and then she can come back and explain it to us.” “

Soon after, Tomberg responded on social media. She said her high school graduation trip would end in August, but “no degree in economics was needed” to realize that continued investment in fossil fuels was disproportionate to the cap on total greenhouse gas emissions.

The tweet was accompanied by a video of researchers’ projections of carbon emissions trends and fossil energy investments from 2000 to 2100 based on a United Nations report.

“So you either tell us how to achieve the emissions reduction target, or explain to future generations and those affected by the climate crisis why we want to abandon our commitment to climate change,” Mr. Tomberg finally asked. “

U.S. Treasury Secretary satirizes Sweden's green girl: go to college to read the economy通贝里推特上图解释气候变化,被网友质疑“太专业”

Some netizens think that we have never seen so many “old white men” so afraid of a height of 1 meter 5, 90 pounds of little girl. But it was also pointed out that the explanation issued by Tomberg “doesn’t look like a 17-year-old kid wrote it.”

Earlier this week, at the Davos forum, Mr Turnberry accused world leaders of “doing nothing” about reducing carbon emissions and demanded that we not wait until 2050 to “stop subsidies for all fossil fuels now”.

Mr. Trump, on the other hand, has proposed “planting a trillion trees” and said that “those who always predict doom must be rejected.” The Guardian thinks he’s sneering at Tombury.