Young woman enters plane cockpit: relationship with captain, flight attendant

A photo of a young woman sipping tea in the cockpit exploded on November 4, 2019, on a Guilin-Yangzhou flight from Guilin Airlines GT1011. In response, Guilin Airlines issued a “description of the incident of passengers entering the cockpit of the aircraft” said that the decision to the captain of the aircraft to be suspended for life, the other crew members involved in the indefinite suspension and accept further investigation by the company.

年轻女性进入飞机驾驶舱:与机长为恋爱关系 空乘专业在校生

On November 5th, the media unearthed more information about the woman involved and the captain involved.

It is reported that the captain and the female passenger in the photo is in a romantic relationship. After the incident, the crew members, including the captain, co-pilot, flight attendant, observer, etc., were punished.

In addition, there are a number of netizens said that the participants are Guilin Tourism College air flight professional students. Sources said that the school officials said that the person involved is indeed the school students, has returned to the school to deal with.

China’s “large aircraft public air transport carrier operation of the rules for the validation of the qualification” expressly stipulates that unrelated personnel may not enter the cockpit. The loss of Guilin Airlines, first of all, to train a captain needs 7-10 years plus millions of dollars of investment, and second, this has a serious impact on Guilin Airlines’ reputation.

As for the captain himself has been Guilin Airlines for life ban, followed by the Civil Aviation Authority’s handling decision.

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