“Doomsday Clock” To Fast Again Scientist: 100 Seconds Away From Symbolic Doomsday

Scientists warned Wednesday that the planet is getting closer to a “disaster,” according to Chinese. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moved its symbolic “doomsday clock” near midnight, and scientists say it is now 100 seconds away. The Doomsday Clock is reportedly a fictional clock, set up in 1947 by the University of Chicago’s Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, to indicate the extent to which the world is threatened by nuclear weapons: at 12 o’clock it symbolizes the outbreak of nuclear war.

The communique was based on the situation in the world, which would be given before or after the dial, as a reminder to all sectors to face up to the problem. The latest adjustment, on January 24, 2019, is just two minutes from midnight, “symbolizing the end of the world’s catastrophe”, which also means that the existential threat to humanity has risen to its highest level since the end of the cold war.

Each year, the bulletin is reported to consult with a committee of sponsors, including 13 Nobel laureates, to analyse a range of threats to determine whether the apocalyptic clock should be adjusted.

Recently, the communique again adjusted the time to reflect the imminent threat of nuclear weapons and the increase in global warming. Now, the clock is set to be 100 seconds from Midnight, the closest symbolic moment of doom ever, and the first time the pointer has been in the two-minute range.

“We are now expressing the world’s approach to disaster in seconds, not hours or even minutes,” Rachel Bronson, president and chief executive officer of the bulletin, said in a statement. “

“We are now facing a real emergency, and world affairs can no longer tolerate any mistakes or room for further delay,” he said. “

Robert Rosner, chairman of the science and security committee, called the change “very bad news,” adding that the nuclear threat and climate change had created “a lasting and disturbing reality.”