“Brexit” deal, EU signed

“Things will inevitably change, but our friendship (with the EU and the UK) will continue,” said European Council President Michel. As partners and allies, we have opened a new chapter in our history. The president of the European Council and the European Commission has signed a “Brexit” deal, Xinhua reported in English.


European Council President Michel and European Commission President Jean-Claude Von der Leyen signed a deal on Friday (January 24) on Britain’s departure from the European Union, according to AFP. The text of the agreement will be submitted to the European Parliament for approval on January 29.

Diplomats from EU member states will ratify the deal in writing next Thursday (January 30) to ensure Britain’s formal departure from the bloc in the early hours of January 31, AFP said.

European Commission President Jean-Claude von der Leyen tweeted: “Michelle and I have just signed an agreement on Britain’s exit from the European Union, paving the way for the European Parliament to ratify the agreement. “

Von der Leyen Twitter Screenshot

In another tweet, European Council President Michel Barnier said: “Things will inevitably change, but our friendship (with the EU and the UK) will continue.” As partners and allies, we have opened a new chapter in our history. “

He added in French: “I’m very eager to write this page together.” “

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Queen of England approves Johnson’s Brexit bill

Is the Brexit drama finally coming to an end? On January 23, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II approved Prime Minister Johnson’s “Brexit” bill, making it British law, Reuters reported. The Move removes the last hurdle on Britain’s path to a “Brexit,” according to the Associated Press.

The Associated Press said that the British Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons Nigel Evans local time on the 23rd in the House of Commons announced that “Brexit” bill has been approved by the Queen, into law. The Speaker of the House of Lords made the same statement.


After years of heated debate, the British Parliament on the 22nd, finally approved the withdrawal from the European Union bill. Mr Johnson said on the same day: “Sometimes it feels like we can never cross the ‘Brexit’ finish line, but we did.” “

Reuters said Britain would leave the European Union at 23:00 GMT on January 31. The European Parliament is expected to vote on a “Brexit” bill on January 29.

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union in a referendum in 2016 has been mired in a “Brexit” process for three-and-a-half years. The British people’s consensus on, when or even whether to “Brexit” has caused a deep tear in society.

Theresa May has left the uk after former Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit bill was repeatedly rejected in the British Parliament, leading to a number of delays in the Date of Brexit. Mr Johnson also failed to get a “battle” with Parliament after he took over as prime minister last year, only to give the Conservatives a landslide victory in the lower house of parliament, eventually pushing the Brexit bill past the parliamentary threshold.