Netflix joins Seth Meyers to skip Trump joke clip host: It’s a joke in itself

If anyone would want to watch Seth Meyers’ new talk show, “Lobby Baby,” on Netflix, they might be interested in jokes about U.S. President Donald Trump, according to foreign media reports. But if the audience is not interested can now skip through a new button.

It is reported that this skip button is a bit similar to the Netflix skip theme song feature.

Netflix联手塞斯·梅耶斯推跳过特朗普笑话片段 主持人:这本身就是个笑话

Meyers told the media that the button was created as a joke because he didn’t think his fans would skip Trump’s jokes.

Robbie Praw, netflix’s director of original comedy talk shows, told the media that the company was pleased that Meyers was able to leverage Netflix’s experience in such a fun and innovative way.

It is reported that “Lobby Baby” will premiere on November 5.

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