Picture quality is the most important! Foreign media survey: European players most value PS5 picture promotion

European players generally opt for the “better picture” option for the ps5’s most anticipated features, according to a survey, according tomedia GamesIndustry.biz. In addition, the survey revealed many interesting results. ISFE and GameTrack used the questionnaire to ask 8,000 consumers from Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the UK about next-generation hosts.

The results showed that 68 percent of respondents believed that PS5 was extremely important for the improvement of the visual performance of the game, and that the percentage would rise further to 78% if the survey was limited to host users. This is enough to show that while some players have been emphasizing the so-called game, but there is no doubt in the minds of players, the next generation of console quality has become particularly important.

Picture quality is the most important! Media survey: European players most value PS5 picture promotion

The survey also revealed some interesting results, such as 63 percent of respondents who thought shorter load times were more important, and 49 percent of players valued the PS5’s body feature. One of the least noticed performances was 8K, and only 40% of consumers expressed interest in it.

It is reported that the PS5 host may meet us as soon as February 5th, when we will be able to know its full performance. What do you expect from this next-generation host? Share with us in the comments section.