Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Release Table Released April 23 Final Stable Release

The Ubuntu 19.10 lifecycle will end in July this year, followed by the largest version of The Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, with major updates and improvements to be terminated by 2030. 20.04 is the 8th LTS version of Ubuntu and is scheduled for release on April 23 next year.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Release Form Released April 23 Final Stable Release

Canonical will develop a 25-week schedule for the October release and a 27-week schedule for the April release to guide the development of LTS, and the development lifecycle of Ubuntu 20.04 follows a 27-week release schedule. As shown in the Ubuntu wiki:


Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Release Form Released April 23 Final Stable Release

From this table we can see several key nodes:

February 27: Feature Freeze

The Ubuntu team stopped introducing new features, packages, and APIs and began to focus on fixing bugs in the development version.

March 19: Freeze user interface

At this point, no other updates occur in the user interface. Subsequently, document processing will also begin, including the latest screenshots.

March 26: Freeze document strings

After all features and user interface updates are complete, the creation and modification of strings in the document stops. If you need to change the string at a later stage, you can add it only if you get team approval.

April 2: Beta Freeze

Developers experience the Ubuntu beta version and suggest bugs or bug fixes before Ubuntu is released.

April 9: Kernel Freeze

Kernel freeze is the deadline for kernel updates.

April 16: Final freeze

The final freeze is the penultimate phase of the final version, and the team confirms all fixes.

April 23: Final stable version

The final stable version is officially available.

However, the beginning of the daily build of the Current version of the milestone, as we previously reported, is not included in this schedule.