OPPO and Ericsson set up 5G joint laboratory to continuously deepen research and development cooperation in 5G field

OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. recently announced the establishment of a 5G joint laboratory with Ericsson, the world’s leading provider of communications technology and services, to further deepen cooperation in the field of 5G. OPPO and Ericsson will work together to promote global collaboration and technology exchanges, and use the joint laboratory to share 5G advanced technology to optimize 5G products and network experiences, and accelerate the global deployment and popularization of 5G.

OPPO与爱立信成立5G联合实验室 持续深化5G领域研发合作

OPPO and Ericsson set up 5G joint laboratory

(From left: Luca Orsini, Head of Network Programs for Ericsson Northeast Asia, Right: Wu Henggang, Vice President of OPPO and President of Software Engineering)

“OPPO is very pleased to be working with Ericsson to set up a 5G joint laboratory,” said Wu Henggang, Vice President of OPPO and President of the Software Engineering Division. Ericsson has a deep history in 5G network and infrastructure, global operator channels, and OPPO has extensive experience and accumulation in 5G standard research and development, technology products, application scenarios, etc. Together, we face the opportunities and challenges of the age of 5G integration, which will provide consumers around the world with better 5G products and experiences and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. ”

Luca Orsini, Head of Network Program and Vice President of Ericsson’s Northeast Asia Region, said: “This partnership is of strategic importance to both Ericsson and OPPO. Combining the strengths of both parties, we will further strengthen the 5G ecosystem, bring new use cases to the market and bring new value to our customers. ”

OPPO and Ericsson have always worked closely together in the process of 5G evolution and development, and the two sides have signed a global patent license agreement, providing a solid foundation for deep cooperation in the 5G era. Starting in the third quarter of 2018, based on OPPO’s 5G terminal and Ericsson’s 5G infrastructure, the two companies jointly conducted 5G joint testing in various global markets, including Sweden, Germany and China, jointly promoting the commercial landing of 5G in the global market. On MWC2019, OPPO also partnered with Ericsson to showcase 5G mobile phones and cloud games.

OpPO has always been committed to being a leader and popularity of 5G mobile phones. In May, opPO Reno 5G went on sale in Switzerland, becoming the first 5G phone to go on sale in Europe. Since then, Reno 5G has been sold in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy and other countries and regions around the world, and has been fully recognized by the market. With the advent of 5G mobile phone scale, OPPO will launch a 5G smartphone with Qualcomm dual-mode 5G chips by the end of the year, providing a richer and better 5G experience for consumers around the world.

For the 5G era of integration, OPPO will continue to increase investment in 5G product development, technology research, standards, application scenario exploration, and join hands with leading partners in the industrial chain, including Ericsson, to explore more possibilities for 5G, to bring consumers more innovative 5G value.

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