Microsoft or a transparent keyboard for Surface Neo

On October 2 last year, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Neo at a launch in New York, with wraparound keyboard accessories. Clearly, having a physical keyboard for touch mobile devices can help greatly increase productivity while taking into account flexible features. Surface Neo is pre-installed with Windows 10 X, and the system recognizes the keyboard accessory and reduces the display area of the screen by a third.

Microsoft or a transparent keyboard for Surface Neo

(Instagram via Windows Latest)

Interestingly, in a new patent application called “Physical Keyboard Overlay for Touch screen,” Microsoft discussed how to plan ways to build a new Surface product using a physical keyboard located above one of the screens.

Leave a rich range of input areas where users can open certain apps or emojis. It also suggests that Microsoft plans to use a similar physical keyboard layout for Surface Neo and other dual-screen products.

Obviously, Microsoft is still quite optimistic about the mechanical keyboard of traditional devices. Although the touch screen provides a virtual keyboard, it is still inferior to a physical keyboard in experience. With this new patent, the company has come up with a better solution.

Microsoft says the Surface mechanical keyboard may have individual and elastically pressed keys, including external and screen-facing keys.

Microsoft or a transparent keyboard for Surface Neo

“The electrical conductor network conducts the drive signal inside the key, and when the key is pressed, the trigger signal is received in the touch screen area just below,” the document reads.

The patented unit also includes a hinge attachment that rotates almost 360 degrees, allowing the solid keyboard to fold over or on the back of the touch screen.

In other examples, different keyboard installation and storage configurations can be used, such as permanently attaching a physical keyboard to the principal device.

But the most interesting thing is that the keyboard can be transparent or translucent, including minimalist lines and semiconductor-doping films.