Sources talk about PlayStation 5: New console will bring new gaming experience

Next fall, players will enjoy the powerful hardware experience of the next generation of consoles. Whether it’s Sony’s PlayStation 5 or Microsoft’s Xbox Scaron, it’s using AMD’s custom CPU-GPU chip solution, as well as fast SSD solid-state storage (rather than traditional mechanical hard drives). It is reported that SSD will make the game’s lengthy read-bar wait time in the past, and developers are already thinking of how to better eliminate the load wait interface, replace it with a cooler movie effect.

消息人士谈PlayStation 5:新主机将带来崭新的游戏体验

(Pictured: LetsGoDigital, via BGR)

At the same time, powerful hardware is expected to support the creation of a more realistic world of gaming. In an interview with GamingBolt, Kikuchi Keisuke, RPG game maker for Goblin’s Tail, talks about what’s involved with ps5 consoles.

He expressed optimism about what was about to happen. First, SSD’s reading speed will help developers create more granular movie-quality graphics, and even consider giving players some time to pause for a while before starting the next chapter.

For game designers, over-the-scene animation sits to give players some necessary rest time. Want to achieve a balance in the game, deliberately prepare for some off-field breaks, also can be considered.

As for the processing power of the Zen 2 architecture chip on the PS5, Kikuchi says it can draw more realistic graphics in the game and give developers more freedom.

But we still need to find a balance between better picture quality and efficiency, after all, high-quality rendering will consume more processing time. Finally, while not disclosing which PS5 games the company will develop, Kikuchi says the new opportunity is backward compatible with PS4 games.

That said, The Goblin should be available next year on the PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms, and will also be able to run on the PS5. If all goes well, Sony should release the PS5 in February next year and by December.

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