BGI Announces Donation of 10,000 New Coronavirus Test Kits to Wuhan City

On January 24, Shenzhen BGI officially announced that it will donate 10,000 copies of the new coronavirus test kit to Wuhan City, the first batch of kits are in the pipeline. It is understood that BGI has quickly set up an emergency command, the full mobilization of production forces to expand kit production capacity, production personnel are working overtime to produce, for the outbreak prevention and control to provide a solid backing.

Huada Gene Announces Donation of 10,000 New Coronavirus Test Kits to Wuhan City

As early as early January 2020, BGI formed the urgent organization of scientific research and production forces, began to develop related kits, because the virus and bat SARS virus homologous, the need for 2019-nCoV, the design of special testing kits, to ensure accurate identification, to avoid the formation of cross-misjudgment. The company took only 72 hours to complete the initial research and development, and through the strict kit process and quality control to ensure stability and accuracy, on January 14 officially announced the completion of the 2019 new coronavirus nucleic acid testing kit (RT-PCR fluorescent probe) finished production work. After the completion of kit development, Huada in the first time to organize more production forces, the output of more kits for epidemic prevention and control use, the current kit has been in some disease control departments and hospitals began to use, reserve work is also actively carried out.

The National Health and Reform Commission recently issued the “national provinces (regions, cities)” the first new coronavirus infection of pneumonia case confirmation procedures, in the “relevant matters” clearly, confirmation procedures must be in China CDC or a third party testing institutions received test specimens within 24 hours after completion, a third-party testing agency for Shenzhen BGI. It is understood that BGI to make a positive response, BGI Wuhan, Shenzhen, Tianjin team gave up vacation, ready to stand by, about 3 hours can be issued a new coronavirus RT-PCR nucleic acid test results, for the outbreak prevention and control to provide the fastest information feedback.

This is not the first time BGI has rushed to the front line of the fight against the outbreak. During the SARS epidemic in 2003, BGI received A sample of SARS virus within 72 hours quickly deciphered the virus sequence, completed the research and development of diagnostic kits, and 300,000 copies of diagnostic kits donated to the National Command for the Prevention and Control of Atypical Pneumonia, in order to protect people’s lives and health has made outstanding contributions.