YouTube gets EXCLUSIVE live rights from COD, OW, many players are unhappy.

YouTube’s gaming channel has just won a major victory on the live platform. Activision Blizzard and Google announced an agreement that YouTube would receive exclusive live rights to OverWatch, Call of Duty and Hearthstone. While the Twitch platform has long been the number one platform for live gaming, it has been crushing YouTube in the field and has left no room for rivals such as Facebook and Mixer.

YouTube gets EXCLUSIVE live rights from COD, OW, many players are unhappy.

(Screenshot via Theverge)

Yet the wealthy Google has repeatedly tried to challenge Twitch’s position, and this time they have finally secured exclusive broadcast rights to a number of games. The player’s reaction to this is naturally a snub.

Google and Activision Blizzard said in a joint announcement that their contract was a “multi-year strategic partnership.” “In addition to the exclusive live broadcast rights to game events, Activision Blizzard will also transfer their multiplayer servers to Google Cloud. Both companies promise players discount promotions in the game, while enjoying low latency without sacrificing the game screen.

Jacques Erasmus, Chief Information Officer at Activision Blizzard, praised Google’s cloud infrastructure, and Ryan Wyatt, head of Youtube’s gaming division, and Sunil Rayan, head of Google’s cloud gaming division, also expressed excitement and excitement about the collaboration. Finally, the statement said the contract would take effect this week, with the first event to be broadcast exclusively, followed by the Call of Duty league in February.

YouTube gets EXCLUSIVE live rights from COD, OW, many players are unhappy.

While the two industry giants are generally optimistic about the tie-up, many players and e-sports viewers are not impressed. There have been a number of player opinion leaders on Twitter expressing their displeasure. Among the more representative concerns are: 1. Before there have been viewers from other channels to buy tickets and cultivate viewing habits, ESPN and ABC and other television stations related to the television broadcast audience where to go? 2. Youtbe game channel user experience is not good, Most viewers have deliberately avoided watching game games on YouTube, and now there are no other options.

Some may think the Google-Mobile Blizzard partnership is too sudden, but the two companies have shown signs of mutual interest before, and this collaboration is in line with the current trend in the electric and live markets. As the statement said, Google has previously helped Activision Blizzard optimize their mobile games. It is clear that the cooperation has shown both sides the strength of each other and the synergy that comes with cooperation. More importantly, through this partnership, both sides can improve their competitiveness and create checks and balances on the strong position of Amazon and Twitch platforms. Now Activision Blizzard will no longer rely on Amazon’s organizational structure and live-streaming platform, a benign competition and antitrust measure.

Players remain skeptical about the partnership, but hope that Google and Activision Blizzard will produce satisfactory broadcastresults to reassure players. Diversified competition in the market is always a good thing, not really, twitch will certainly have unofficial live rooms on the Twitch continue to provide a live stream for those loyal to Twitch, so viewers and players will always be the beneficiaries.