PHP 7.4.2 Release

PHP is a widely used scripting language that is ideal for Web development and can be embedded in HTML.

PHP 7.4.2 has been released recently, and this release has been updated as follows:

PHP 7.4.2 Release


Preload support on Windows has been disabled.

Fixed error s.79022 (class_exists return true for classes that are not yet ready for use).

Fixed error s78929 (the plus sign in the cookie value is converted to a space).

Fixed error s.78973 (if the opline was never saved, the destructor when releasing the CV causes a segment error).

Fixed error s78776 (abstract method implementation from trace does not check “static”).

Fixed error s 78999 (a circular leak occurs when the function result is used as a temporary result).

Fixed error s79008 (general performance regression on Windows using PHP 7.4).

Fixed error s.79002 (using __sleep serialize uninitialded typed properties can cause serialization unserialized problems).


Fixed error s79033 (URL time-out error with specific URLs and posts).

Fixed error s79063 (curl openssl does not comply with PKG_CONFIG_PATH).


Fixed error s.79015 (undefined behavior in php_date.c).


Fixed error s78808 (MDB_MAP_FULL: reach the ambient mapsize limit).


Fixed error s79046 (NaN converts int to undefined behavior in exif).


Fixed error s74170 (change sedit language environment information after mime_content_type).


Fixed error s79067 (gdTransformAfFineCopy()may use unitial values).

Fixed error s79068 (gdTransformAfFineCopy() changed the interpolation method.


Fixed error s79029 (using After Free in XMLReader/XMLWriter).


Fixed error s.79037 (global buffer overflow in mbfl_filt_conv_big5_wchar). (CVE-2020-7060)


Fixed error s78961 (error optimized for reassigned $GLOBALS).

Fixed error s78950 (using static variable preload feature method).

Fixed error s78903 (RTD key conflict causes shutdown).

Error s78986 has been fixed (Opcachefault segs occur snr when ctor is inherited from variable to a variable class).

Fixed error s79040 (warning code handler cannot be used due to ASLR).

Fixed error s79055 (The Typed property in the OPcache file cache becomes unknown).


Fixed error s78402 (the wrong DX to convert null to string in the error message).


Fixed error s78983 (pdo_pgsql config.w32 cannot be found libpq-fe.h).

Fixed error s78980 (pgsqlGetNotify() ignored invalid connections).

Fixed error s.78982 (pdo_pgsql returns invalid persistent connections).


Fixed error s79091 (session_create_id()) in heap release after use).

Fixed error s.79031 (session deserialization issue).


Fixed error s78538 (shmop memory leak).


Fixed error s.79056 (sqlite did not comply with PKG_CONFIG_PATH during compilation).


Fixed error s78976 (SplFileObject::fputcsv fails to return -1).


Fixed error s.79099 (OOB read php_strip_tags_ex). (CVE-2020-7059)

Fixed error 79000 (non-blocking socket flow reports EAGAIN as an error).

Fixed error s54298 (add unrelated CRLF with empty additional_headers).

Release notes