Ecosia launches online search campaign to donate 26,446 trees to Australia

Earlier, Ecosia launched an online search campaign to donate new trees to Australia, which has been hit by wildfires. Yesterday, Ecosia announced that it would donate all proceeds from the event, earmarking it for wildlife restoration efforts after the fire, followed by the announcement that it had successfully funded 26,446 trees. The company estimates that 45 searches are needed for funds for a tree. In simple conversion, the number of search requests yesterday may have reached 1.19 million.

Ecosia launches online search campaign to donate 26,446 trees to Australia

(Instagram via Neowin)

Since Ecosia was unable to plant trees herself, the company chose to provide funding to charitable organizations that specialize in tree planting. The money raised yesterday will be used to plant trees in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

In recent weeks, the area has been hit by forest fires. ReForest Now is expected to use the funds for local tree planting projects starting in February.

The organization has more long-term plans, such as replanting trees on land that was previously cut down but is no longer used for agriculture. In the announcement, Ecosia wrote:

Unlike the rest of Australia, the nsw rainforest is difficult to regenerate naturally, meaning trees continue to be added here.

Not only do they provide habitat for wildlife (a billion have been lost and many more have been forced to leave their homes), they can also sequester carbon, gather water, purify the air, and regulate the climate.

Ecosia reiterated a stern warning from scientists that climate change would have a significant impact on the world, working to raise money for tree-planting projects through search ads, complemented by a decent privacy rights policy. Interested friends, may wish to support.