Google adds Ecosia “tree” search engine to Chrome browser

Google has quietly updated its default search engine in Chrome, adding “Ecosia” that we’re not familiar with. In Chrome 81 Canary/Dev, if you now visit Settings and try to select a search engine from the drop-down menu in the address bar, you’ll notice that the newly added Ecosia appears along with Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. The addition of search engines can also be found in the new Edge Canary version.

Ecosia, the German search engine, has been hailed as the “world’s greenest” search engine because users are planting trees every time they browse. Ecosia GmbH, a Berlin-based Google Alternative, donates 80 per cent of its search advertising profits to afforestation to combat global warming and climate change.

Google updates Chrome’s default search engine (DSE) list (internally known internally as DSE refresh), and it’s clear that DSE Refresh 2019 is complete.

As Google’s search engine partner, Ecosia has since received commissions from Google Search (and then to plant trees), and you can see the search engine in the Vivaldi browser, which can be used as one of the default search engines.

So far, with this change, Chrome has offered the following search engines: