Google’s mouse-themed Doodle celebrates Lunar New Year

This Saturday is the first day of the Lunar New Year, and Google has added graffiti depicting the Year of the Rat to its celebrations. Today is the Spring Festival, also marks the beginning of the Year of the Rat. On Google’s homepage, visitors can see a new Doodle work appearing during the Lunar New Year, depicting a mouse surrounded by other zodiac members.

Google's mouse-themed Doodle celebrates Lunar New Year

For those curious who want to know what the Zodiac is, Google offers a simplified explanation:

“In parts of Asia, each lunar year is represented by one of the twelve animals in the zodiac rotation, and 2020 is the Year of the Rat!”

Today’s animated Doodle commemorates the most important cultural holiday of the Asian community, the Lunar New Year. The rat comes first mainly from an ancient legend.

According to ancient legend, the emperor chose twelve animals to serve as guards, when the cat took the mouse, the mouse was busy to forget. So the mouse and the cat have since formed a connection. Originally according to the zodiac, cattle is the largest, the body is also large, thick, honest, hard-working, let the labor and so on, but why the mouse in front of it? It is the cat chasing it, it is anxious, sprang on the back of the cow, so, the mouse took it as the boss, the cow became the old two.

This multi-day celebration is often seen as a new starting point for the new weather, with friends and family gathering to share delicious cakes, soups and dumplings, and everyone wants each other to be happy and prosperous!

In the Chinese calendar, the first day of this year’s Lunar New Year is January 25, the start of the Spring Festival, and the entire celebration usually ends on February 8.

New Year’s Eve reunion dinners, firecrackers, and temple sons are still a necessary way to celebrate the Spring Festival. New Year’s Eve or Spring Festival Eve is a day of family reunion. Children who work or study outside their hometowns come home together to celebrate the holiday with their families.

People visit the homes of relatives and friends on the first day of the new year and send them New Year’s greetings, and they pray for the New Year with auspicious words.