Vivo registered Super FlashCharge trademark for 55W fast-charge device

On January 25th, the European Intellectual Property Office (EIP) revealed that Vivo was applying for the “Super FlashCharge” trademark, indicating that vivo was developing a new fast charging technology called Super FlashCharge. Although the trademark application does not disclose any information about the technology, it now appears that Super FlashCharge may be the 55W fast charge that the new vivo will be equipped with, which is not currently released.

Vivo suspected to register Super FlashCharge trademark for 55W fast-charge device

Recently, the Vivo 5G phone, model V1955A, was certified with 3C. The certification page shows that it is equipped with a charger model V5550L0A0-CN, the charger output power reached 55W, which will appear to be a high-end flagship. The V1950A vivo 5G phone is nEX 3, which is suspected to be the v1955A may be the vivo iQOO series of new iQOO 3.

That is, vivo’s 55W Super FlashCharge may be the first to hit iQOO 3.

It follows news that iQOO will hold a new product launch in February, and that it is likely to launch iQOO 3. Details about iQOO’s new products are not known for the time being, given that the hole-digging screen is a major trend for the flagship phone in 2020, it is speculated that iQOO 3 may use small aperture hole-punch screens.

Core configuration, iQOO 3 with SnapDragon865 flagship platform has little suspense, and it supports SA, NSA dual-mode 5G, is the iQOO series of the first dual-mode 5G phone.

Of course, such as Samsung AMOLED screen, screen fingerprint, super fast charge, NFC and other viewing points will not be absent.