Ali launches measures to help Wuhan: set up a special fund for the supply of 1 billion yuan of medical supplies

On January 25, Ali launched a special fund to provide 1 billion yuan of medical supplies to wuhan, and directly purchasemedical materials from home and abroad, and send them to hospitals in Wuhan and Hubei. Today, Alibaba International Station has been to Indonesia, South Korea and other 14 countries and regions, looking for medical supplies suppliers. As of 3 p.m. today, 42 overseas suppliers with high-quality mask supply capacity have been contacted and are in the process of counting in detail the availability of medical-grade masks.

Ali launches measures to help Wuhan: set up a special fund for the supply of 1 billion yuan of medical supplies

For the life support of Wuhan residents, Tmall supermarket and Wuhan 18 Freshippo supermarketwill will not close, will not increase prices, shelves will not be empty, hungry takeaway delivery fees do not rise, takeaway non-stop. Protective items such as masks, disinfectants, hand sanitizers and thermometers will also be rolled on Taobao and Tmall supermarkets. In order to allow medical staff in Wuhan Hospital to eat hot meals every day, Alibaba set up a special team with 18 stores in Freshippo Wuhan as the center, tomorrow (January 26), will provide free daily for Wuhan Red Cross Hospital, Wuhan Sixth Hospital to provide 300 meals of morning, middle and evening meals, For 21 medical units in Wuchang District of Wuhan City, 3144 copies of drinking water, instant noodles, self-heating food and other materials are supplied daily. Other medical units of food, water, fast food and other materials deployment work has also begun to docking.

If in recent times, members of the public have other daily illnesses in need of treatment, they can search for “ask experts” at Alipay and consult doctors across the country for their professional advice on daily illnesses. Alibaba also called on more medical workers across the country to join online consultations to help the people of Hubei tide over the difficulties.

Late at night on January 24th, the “Wuhan Refueling” public welfare fund-raising project, the first phase of 8 hours has raised 71.4 million yuan, the public welfare institutions will use funds special procurement of medical materials sent to Wuhan Hospital in batches. Alibaba will also set up material donation standards, continue to join up with high-quality public welfare institutions, open social donation channels.

Rookie joint courier company partners opened the global green channel, will give priority to ensure that all kinds of protective supplies first time to Wuhan, the donor agencies can call the Cainiao Wuhan material donation free transport hotline 400-900-5656.