Book the Galaxy S20 plus/S20 Ultra 5G and will be free of charge with Galaxy Buds plus

According to recently leaked marketing material information, users who book the Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G flagships will receive a free, upcoming Galaxy Buds plus. Although the scope of the campaign is not yet known, it is highly likely that the offer will be available in the US, UK and some European markets.

Book the Galaxy S20 plus/S20 Ultra 5G and will be free of charge with Galaxy Buds plus

Samsung also offered the Galaxy Buds for free when the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series were launched. It’s no surprise that Samsung offers Buds plus only a high-end version of the Galaxy S20 series, so it’s no surprise that the cheapest Galaxy S10e is not the right one.

After the launch of Apple’s AirPods Pro, many Samsung fans thought the upcoming Galaxy Buds Plus would be a pair of competitors, competing positively in the market. But the latest news is that Samsung has decided to skip the active noise reduction feature on the new headset. Buds-Plus doesn’t change much in appearance, but Samsung has realigned the interior design and the overall sound quality will be significantly improved.

In previous rumors, the Galaxy Bud Plus had a battery capacity of 58mAh, butmedia reported that it would be equipped with 85mAh, allowing it to last up for 12 hours on full charge. For Galaxy Bud deep users, this is good news.

In addition, there will be significant improvements on Buds Plus for the quality of calls that are the most slotted by Galaxy Buds. The Galaxy Buds Plus comes with four microphones, twice as many as Buds. But how much effect has actually been improved, but still need to be further tested and feedback after the listing.