After Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator will land on the iPad next year

Following Lightroom and Photoshop, Adobe recently announced that the next software to land on the iPad will be illustrator. While the project is still in early development, Adobe says it is “reimagining the Illustrator experience from scratch to take advantage of the unique capabilities that tablets bring in terms of the touch experience and Apple Pencil.” ”

继Photoshop后 Adobe Illustrator将在明年登陆iPad

For now, adobe Illustrator, iPad, will focus on the following points during the development process:

1. Seamless switching across devices: This means you can save all content created on Illustrator to Creative Cloud and then modify it on iPad;

2. Exquisite functionality: the iPad version of Adobe Illustrator will retain the same refined functionality as the PC version, as well as future iPad versions for many of the designs that can be done on pCs today;

3. Intuitive experience: The iPad version of Adobe Illustrator will take into account the features of the touch device to improve ease of use on the iPad;

4. Take advantage of your tablet: Thanks to the features of iPad and Apple Pencil, adobe Illustrator on iPad will take advantage of these features, such as you can convert hand-drawn sketches directly into vector-shaped footage.

While Adobe Illustrator for the iPad is in early development, the software’s current performance has made a good first impression, judging by the beta beta version of the external media.

Adobe Illustrator for iPad’s UI style is similar to other apps Adobe has launched on the iPad platform this year, with an easy-to-use design, such as automatically popping up context menus based on the tools the user is using, making it easy for even non-professional users to get started. The iPad version of Illustrator also has features that are different from the desktop version, such as using masks, symmetrical drawing, and more.

继Photoshop后 Adobe Illustrator将在明年登陆iPad

Here are some feature demonstrations of Illustrator on iPad:

Pen Tools: As one of the most important and difficult tools to master, the Pen Tool is easier to use on the iPad version. With the help of the new Touch modifier for illustrator in the iPad version, the Pen tool will be reduced to different points, clicking on different points will create a line, and a curve will be created by holding and dragging.

继Photoshop后 Adobe Illustrator将在明年登陆iPad

Point gradient: This is a new feature that Illustrator introduced last year, and the tool is freer to use the gradient feature;

继Photoshop后 Adobe Illustrator将在明年登陆iPad

Construction guides: the ability to convert imported hand-drawn sketches directly into vector-shaped footage;

继Photoshop后 Adobe Illustrator将在明年登陆iPad

Patterns and symmetrical drawing: Symmetric drawing allows you to complete a mirror image faster, a feature that has not yet landed on the desktop version of Illustrator;

继Photoshop后 Adobe Illustrator将在明年登陆iPad

Clip mask: This feature allows you to directly enable iPad’s camera or import photos as footage to fill vector images;

继Photoshop后 Adobe Illustrator将在明年登陆iPad

If you are interested, you can submit your test application here.

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