Someone prints his ‘brain’ tomography images 3D into lamps

You may have seen a lot of very creative table lamps, but have you seen the “brain” table lamps? someone prints out his brain and makes it a lamp. In the “3D printing” section of a foreign fun forum, there are netizens who showed two pictures, saying that they have recently done a whole-brain MRI (nuclear magnetic resonance imaging), using software to construct the brain’s 3D model, and use 3D printing technology to turn it into a lamp.

From the photos, the “brain” table lamp through the white material to create a good integration with the base, lit after a ditch back to clear the brain lit up, very realistic.

someone commented:

Good idea, want to do a different part of my body.

It’s not easy to clean up, is it?

Netizens print their 'brain' tomography images 3D into lamps

Netizens print their 'brain' tomography images 3D into lamps

According to public information, NUCLEAR magnetic resonance imaging technology, compared to other tomography techniques (such as CT), can show the distribution of a certain amount of physical (such as density) in space, but also has its own characteristics, magnetic resonance imaging can obtain tomography images in any direction, three-dimensional images of the body, You can even get a four-dimensional image of the spatial-spectrum distribution.