Patent information implies ps5 has an internet game invitation system

Sony Interactive Entertainment appears to be improving the game-connected invitation system built into the PlayStation system’s firmware, most likely for next-generation console PS5. At present, PS4 invitation is very simple and direct, the player sends the game invitation to the friend, the friend receives the invitation can choose to join the game. However, according to the newly released patent information, the PS5 may use another form of invitation.

Patent information implies ps5 has an internet game invitation system

The patent documents reveal that with the support of the PS5’s more powerful multitasking capabilities, players who receive invitations can accept invitations in other games and launch invited games in the background.

It seems that this and the web browser preload the common interface, reducing user wait times and creating the illusion of “getting faster” is a principle, but the effect of the implementation and other potential problems still need to wait for the actual situation.

The patent documents are as follows:

– Starting the game without the intervention of the invited person

– The invited host will display an invitation and launch window for a game

– If the invited person’s console is running another game or app, the window is displayed in picture-in-picture

– The game will start in the background

– If the invited person’s device is running one or more programs in the foreground, the start-up will automatically take place

At present, this send invitation makes the other host background automatically start the game mechanism has a worrying problem: may be maliciously used. Users may intentionally send invitations frequently, imposing additional burdens on other users’ devices.

Of course, it is not known whether this mechanism will be adopted by PS5, and the patented application will certainly come with additional safeguards, such as allowing users to turn off the back-end auto-start function. However, the game of PS5 who plans to start the PS5 is better to keep an eye on the progress of ps5 online game invitation.