Xbox boss goes to Japan : Today’s topic is E3 2020

Recently, Xbox boss Phil Spencer was on a business trip to Japan, where he was visiting development groups and publishers. Today, he revealed via Twitter that he had discussed projects such as the Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Pass, xCloud and, most importantly, the E3 2020 and the future of the game.

Xbox boss goes to Japan to pull relations Today's topic is E3 2020

“It’s been a great week in Japan, and we’ve had a great week with a number of publishers and production groups about Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Pass and xCloud. Played the announced and unannounced game, discussed E3 2020 and the future of the game. I’m driven by Japanese creative talent every time. ”

E3 2020 is definitely an interesting issue, as Sony was absent from last year’s E3 show, and some analysts believe it will continue to be absent from this year’s E3. So many Japanese game makers have lost a choice and can’t use Sony’s platform to showcase their games on the E3, which is likely to be just cheaper for the Xbox.

While It’s hard for Xbox consoles to break into the Japanese market, Japanese games are struggling to get global and target as many gaming platforms as possible, so i’m looking forward to seeing how much time Xbox will leave for Japanese games at this year’s E3 show.