5 New Game IPs Destined to Be the Beginning of the Series in 2020

2020 is a year of generational change for the two major hosts, and it’s too early to see many of the original innovative IP piles on sale, but we can see the quality and potential of many new IPs, and here are the top five new IPs that are expected to be the beginning of the series.

5 New Game IPS Destined to Be the Beginning of the Series in 2020

1. Cyberpunk 2077

Of this year’s most-watched new IPs, Cyberpunk 2077 is sure to be the number one in the minds of many players. Although the Polish ass claims to be selling the renewal as a DLC, as long as the new IP is successful enough, future sequels should not be a problem.

In last year’s quarterly results, CDPR said it would adopt a two-brand rotation model, which, like BioWare’s “Dragon Century” and “Quality Effect” rotations, would take turns developing the Wizards and Cyberpunk brands. So as long as “Cyberpunk 2077” doesn’t come as a big surprise, the future is bound to be a continuation of development. Perhaps another piece of industry legend will be achieved.

5 New Game IPS Destined to Be the Beginning of the Series in 2020

2. The “Gods & Monsters”

Perhaps you will be surprised, this Ubisoft experimental works do not look like the series of masterpieces? And even the actual game video has not been released, how is destined to become the beginning of the series? In fact, this is indeed very doubtful, no one can guarantee which works will be successful, but from the information published so far, “Gods & Monsters” There is still still potential for development.

The elements of the picture of “Gods & Monsters” are drawn from ancient Greek myths, and the picture style is slightly cartoonish, reminiscent of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. And the open-world hunting game suggested in the propaganda film may be likethed to Monster Hunter. The combination of these elements is very novel, from the paper to see a lot of potential, then the next step is to look at the production of the ability to execute.

In charge of the work is Ubisoft’s Quebec Studios, whose last work was Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. It can be said that this production team has a wealth of experience, but also very good at the fusion of action, RPG and open world elements. So as long as they are willing to put their heart and play to all their strengths, this “Watanabe” has a great chance that this “Gods & Monsters” will become one of the most successful new IP of the year, the future of the sequel will be water edding.

5 New Game IPS Destined to Be the Beginning of the Series in 2020

3. The Avengers

After so many years of development, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has accumulated a large number of fans, after “Reunited 4” to this stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this “Avengers Alliance” game works can continue the Marvel Movie Universe’s popular culture boom. Last year’s PS4 exclusive “Spider-Man” has proved that superhero-themed games can be successful as long as they are good quality, so “Avengers” as a new IP in the game space can also have a good chance of continuing the success of the Marvel movie universe.

But one downside to the project right now is that game character modeling doesn’t exactly take on the look of the movie’s actors, and that the plot will be an extension of the original plot beyond the film, which may not be conducive to attracting moviegoers. But to be honest, if the game is completely copied from the film, it is the equivalent of being tied up, there is not much room to play, even if success will be very limited.

So the decision to make this “Avengers” game seems very confident, dare to make the game and the movie look different. So I believe that if “Avengers” achieves the expected sales target, but also will take advantage of the chase, the launch of the sequel.

5 New Game IPS Destined to Be the Beginning of the Series in 2020

4. Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is a new IP launched after years of silence by Sucker Punch, and there are countless reasons to believe it will be the beginning of another hit series.

First Sucker Punch Studios produced one of the PS platform’s top pillars, the Infamous series. Perhaps the story of Infamous: Second Son is slightly weak, but the play and open world scene sits at a high-level level.

After “Nioh” and “Sekiro”, the high difficult challenge and japanese traditional background color formula has also been tested in the market, can be successful. And “Ghost of Tsushima” is unique is based on historical facts, with a full true background and location as a reference, will be unique charm.

As Sony’s first-party studio, Sucker Punch should have long-term plans and should continue to develop and continue as long as sales of Ghost of Tsushima are as expected.

5 New Game IPS Destined to Be the Beginning of the Series in 2020

5. Godfall

This is the latest work to be announced at the TGA 2019 awards ceremony and one of the first to confirm direct access to next-generation hosts. The trailer for “Godfall” and the actual game demo are very exciting, the picture has reached first-class level, as a new IP, “Godfall” is probably the most unexpected surprise.

The development team of “Godfall” is Gearbox, which is also a technically skilled quality guarantee. It is understood that this “Godfall” may use a “Fortnite” service-based real-time online multiplayer mode, so the life cycle will be very long, to wait for renewal may take a long time, but as with several other new IP, as long as the first step of success, the future will certainly continue to be rolled out.