Alcohol tester under concern: alleged inaccurate test results

According to foreign media reports, drinking and driving is never a good idea, but the police alcohol tester does not seem to always allow the driver to keep the distance from alcohol forever. A report from the New York Times says questions have been raised about the effectiveness of the device.



The media is understood to have interviewed more than 100 lawyers, scientists, police and executives from companies that design and manufacture the devices, but have received some bad descriptions.

The paper found that the devices themselves had a large number of inconsistencies, maintenance program problems, or excessive reliance on data. And in many cases the data provided by these devices turned out to be wrong.

It is understood that some companies produce equipment is not working properly. In tests, for example, these devices produce a test result even if something fails in the software, or very inaccurate results if a person’s breathing temperature exceeds 93 degrees Fahrenheit. And things like hiccups, eating mints and even brushing their teeth will allow the device to measure a much higher blood alcohol content than the real number.

In other cases, a Colorado police department continued to use a chemical solution that had long expired in the instrument. It is clear that these old chemicals produce highly inaccurate results, and a former project manager in charge of exhalation intoxicators has even produced his own chemicals that do not match the guidelines. In addition, at other times there are few guidelines on how to set up and operate these machines.

In May last year, there were media reports that a breath alcohol tester used across the United States may have produced incorrect breathing test results, which are believed to be due to incorrect breathing temperature measurements. In addition, the New York Times report highlighted the alcohol tester, The Drager Alcotest 9510.

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