Google builds Android version of “AirDrop”: New features will be integrated into new version

On January 26th,media reported that Google was developing a feature similar to Apple’s AirDrop. The feature is named Nearby Sharing, the report said. According to XDA Exposure, The Nearby Sharing sharing feature is integrated into the new Android system.

XDA says there is still a possibility of adjustments from Nearby Sharing, and that the experience is not perfect at this stage and there are still any errors. The test shows that Nearby Sharing actually transmits faster than traditional Bluetooth when a point-to-point connection is completed over Wi-Fi.

Google is expected to announce the feature at this year’s I/O conference, although it is likely to release Nearby Share ahead of time.

It’s worth noting that Samsung may include a sharing feature called Quick Share on the Galaxy S20 series. OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi and others have partnered to promote fast sharing of different brands of Android phones.