Turing’s medals and Doctor’s Certificate reappears after 36 years

More than 250 items belonging to Alan Turing were recovered after 36 years, including his Order of the British Empire and his Doctorate. The items were lost in 1984 at his alma mater, Sherborne boarding school, and Turing died in 1954, and his mother donated them to the school.

Julia Mathison Turing, who had no kinship with Turing, visited the school in 1984 and stole Turing’s belongings unattended, leaving a notice that she would take good care of the items and return them in the future.

In 2018, she approached the University of Colorado as Turing’s daughter to persuade the school to make an exhibition for Turing, showcasing what she held and the work she created.

Because Turing was gay and he had no daughter, she aroused suspicion that Agents of the Department of Homeland Security had searched her home and found the Turing relics, as well as communications between her and Theborn boarding school, and that she had indeed returned some of Turing’s remains, but kept 256.

Julia Mathison Turing is not her real name, her real name is Julie Ann Schwinghamer, changed her name in 1988.

Turing's medals and Doctor's Certificate sit back after 36 years