You’ll never know what Microsoft wants to do with the Dead Cat Bounce of OneNote’s desktop version

OneNote has now become the most powerful note-taking tool, no one. Even on the iOS platform, many people choose OneNote as their own note-taking application, because it is so good to use. However, OneNote on the windows platform has experienced many changes. But now the official suddenly announced that OneNote 2016, which was already half footed, launched the dark theme, and extended its support period to 2025.

你永远摸不透微软想要干嘛 OneNote的桌面版“诈尸”了

OneNote was originally installed as part of the Office suite along with other Office applications. But Microsoft, out of its UWP platform strategy and the need for unified development, killed the desktop version of OneNote. Only the UWP version of OneNote in the App Store can now be installed directly on Windows. The original OneNote 2016 has been discontinued and never appeared in Office 2019. Microsoft also announced that the final date of the traditional Win32 version of OneNote 2016 was October 2020, and after that, mainstream support for it was discontinued. But today they add a dark theme to OneNote 2016.

你永远摸不透微软想要干嘛 OneNote的桌面版“诈尸”了

This update is available for free to all Office 365 subscribers and those who purchased Office 2019 authorization.

Many people are still using OneNote 2016 without switching to the newer version of UWP. The main reason is that UWP has cut off some features, and the stability of UWP is far less than that of Win32’s OneNote 2016. At least during the months when I used it, the problems like losing response and crashing still happen from time to time. Although there is no loss of data, after a long period of development the stability is still not high enough, which makes me stay away from it and other UWP applications.

你永远摸不透微软想要干嘛 OneNote的桌面版“诈尸”了

So you never know what’s going on inside Microsoft, and today they also launched the web-based Office document collaboration feature based on the Fluid Framework. The editor of The Verge said the Office team is currently working to bring Office to the Web side, and also mentioned PWA. Maybe the Office team wants to take an online collaboration platform to compete with Google’s platform.

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