(Pictured) Chrome is about to get Edge’s “Mobile Tab to Window” option feature

Chromium-based Edge has a low-key but coolly cool tab management feature that makes it easy to transfer tabs to other browser windows. To use this feature, you only need to select one or more tabs with the left button Of Shift, right-click menu select “Move to another window”, and then select the target window where you want to send the tab.

This allows you to easily clean up open tags and leave the relevant browser tags in different windows, most likely from Microsoft’s old Reserved Tab feature. Google plans to introduce the feature in Chrome browsers after Microsoft engineers contributed and submitted the source code.

The option to move multiple tabs in the Chrome Canary channel version is not yet available. But Microsoft engineer Justin Gallagher has provided a solution on Chromium Gerrit.

Add the option to move multiple tabs to the new window in the tab right-click menu. Fixed tabs are also handled correctly and remain fixed in the new window.

Because you can move more than one label, change the string to double “tab” to “tabs” if necessary.

Although Chromium users have not yet been able to select the target location of the label, the feature is expected to appear at some point.

This diagram shows the collaboration between Microsoft and Google engineers in the Chromium project, so users can expect more of this collaboration. There is already evidence that Microsoft is also changing The Edge to make it more closely aligned with Chrome, for example, changing “Move to New Window” to “Move Tab to New Window” in the latest Edge Canary, with chrome taking the same name.