AMD Or Nvidia: Who are you going to buy? More than half of the players will choose the latter

Last October, Jon Peddie Research, a research firm, launched a survey of players in conjunction with a number of other agencies and websites on player’s installation options, including CPU, GPU selection, GPU AIB/AIC selection. Recent survey results and reports have come out, a total of 4,477 netizens participated in the survey, which showed that 55% of the participants chose NVIDIA graphics card, and 27% of the players chose the RTX series.

The first in the survey of netizens in the region is the United States netizens, and then the British netizens, this set of survey questions contain edi-6 questions, which contain such as “What AIB brand graphics card do you have?” “Do you have an NVIDIA Turing graphics card?” “Such a question.

A card and N card Who are you going to buy? More than half of the players will choose the latter

Among the players who chose the NVIDIA GPU, 39% had the latest Turing GPU, of which 27% bought the high-end RTX series, and the remaining 12% chose the mid- to low-end GTX series, with players who dominated or used older graphics cards. If the combined Steam hardware survey data looks at, I’m afraid the GTX 1060’s huge holdings are affecting the data.

Turing series graphics card market has been nearly a year and a half, NVIDIA also in this year and a half time to deploy a new product line, so the future Ofthet series GPU share will certainly continue to increase. There was also a section on CPU choice in the survey, which, surprisingly, 41% of respondents used AMD-based PCs.