Removable batteries is not difficult to achieve, Why cellphone manufacturers have given up?

When the power of your phone is about to die, open the phone shell, replace the battery with a full one,  once a lot of mobile phone users are familiar with a set of actions; But the times that belong to it are really gone.

Can be removable, but it’s not necessary.

It wouldn’t be technically difficult to get mainstream phones back to the removable approach. After all, the final highlight of a removable battery phone- the LG V20, released in 2016, was able to remove the 3200mAh battery and metal back case while meeting the 5.7-inch 2K screen (and even adding a side screen), dual-camera and fingerprinting.

Dismantling batteries is not difficult to achieve Why manufacturers have given up?

LG V20

But for most of today’s phones, there are still trade-offs.

First of all, the material of the rear shell, in view of the current glass shell gradually become a trend, frequent removal is obviously not friendly to the glass. The former plastic and metal back shell, “a soft one”, can cope with the use of removal, or even fall.

Of course, the advantage of glass is that it does not shield electromagnetic signals like metal, can easily achieve high-band signal transmission, wireless charging is one of the applications. But the current mainstream NFC and wireless charging modules, constructed with a thin layer of coils, clinging to the glass back shell, fragile components are not suitable for exposure.

Glory V30 Pro wireless charging and NFC coil is the appearance of thin and internal compact are the development of electronic products are the big trend, the current physical keys are facing the situation of being replaced, the structure of the mobile phone naturally to be compact, for battery life and functional components to make way; Dismantling structures do not meet the corresponding requirements.

In particular, the arrival of 5G, the integration of the mobile phone and heat dissipation put forward a higher test. In this consideration, even if the removable battery can be achieved, it is somewhat worth less.

Missing removable batteries? The manufacturer is fully responsible

Even if the speed of fast charging is not slow, for example, commercial mobile phone charge can already reach 65W, half an hour can be filled with the equivalent of 4000mAh battery. But the mobile phone manufacturers between each other’s inconsistent charging interface and incompatible fast charging protocol, still let users in the charging matter is full of entanglement.

Dismantling batteries is not difficult to achieve Why manufacturers have given up?

Never-iced charging interface

As a portable mobile power supply, there is always a less elegant charging cable when used, and as the mobile power supply supporting fast charging becomes more popular, the incompatibility of the fast charging protocol also requires the user to make a choice;

Compared to these small factors, manufacturers to promote non-removable batteries obviously more profit-driven factors inside.

Frequent replacement of mobile phone batteries may lead to poor exposure and other structural problems, if the use of removable design, there will be some users choose cheap third-party batteries, ultimately will affect the stability of the phone, increase the manufacturer’s after-sales and maintenance costs.

Second, the phone’s non-removable battery means that when battery life affects battery life, the user’s choice of official replacement battery service and even the efficiency of the switch will be greatly increased, which is clearly what manufacturers want to see.

Detachable battery development in trouble

For nostalgic reasons, the author went to Taobao to search the removable battery “universal charge”, found that some merchants are still selling. But the charging power is still poor “5V 1A”, around the removable lithium battery fast charge seems to have not improved.

Dismantling batteries is not difficult to achieve Why manufacturers have given up?

The magnum that calls for memories

After the knowledge, the use of the universal charge, its product quality simply can not be guaranteed, safety is a concern. Even if today’s mobile phone is full of many inconveniences, but the safety and temperature control are guaranteed.

Recently, it was announced that Samsung’s three-proof mobile phone with removable batteries will be on the market, focusing on outdoor sports to facilitate long-term travel needs of users. In fact, removable batteries still have market demand, but the niche market can not support the relevant technology input and iteration, the final removable battery will fade out of the public view.

Write at the end

In fact, the conclusion is obvious, wireless charging and integration is the development of the current development trend, the full application of removable batteries in technology there are some difficulties, but it can be reproduced in some low-end models. Part of the reason for the collective push by manufacturers, and partly because the technology associated with removable batteries is not enough to prop up its return to the mainstream.

Perhaps in the future, in addition to lithium batteries, there will be more suitable for the removal of the structure of the battery material, attracting enough attention and market welcome, will once again usher in the prosperity of removable batteries.

Dismantling batteries is not difficult to achieve Why manufacturers have given up?