Create a clean city! Bangkok plans to fully make cables underground by 2021

According to Taiwan’s “United News Network” reported that the Thai capital Bangkok often see cable lines entangled in a circle, the Bangkok municipal government in 2019 to launch a 20 billion baht project, vowing to make the entire Bangkok cable underground within two years, showing a cleaner city. Travelers to Bangkok are reported to be often surprised by the skyline-filled cables, which are entwined, round and round, raising questions about how to trim them. This has become one of the must-see sights for travelers to Bangkok.

Reported that these cables are mostly different telecommunications companies’ phones or network cables, rather than the wires that everyone thought.

Create a clean city! Bangkok plans to fully underground cables by 2021

When Microsoft founder Bill Gates visited Bangkok in 2016, he posted a photo on social media, noting that many people were without electricity because of the wrong infrastructure in many places, and that the winding wires in the photos were scenes of people illegally stealing electricity.

However, many Thai netizens immediately posted to Bill Gates that the cables were not power lines, but telecommunications or network cables. They point out that Thailand’s power supply system is fairly stable and that there is no need for people to steal electricity.

Despite clarifying that Thais don’t need to steal electricity, such a sight was singled out and criticised, leaving The Bangkok city government in a weed. And not only is the city’s appearance ugly, the over-entangled cable also has public safety concerns, as long as a truck hit a power pole, the entire line of power lines will be pulled down.

The Bangkok city government and the Bangkok Telecommunications Authority began undergrounding cables in 2011, but the plan has been slow because of the large budget required.

The Thai government is determined to clean up Bangkok’s landscape in 2019, and the Thai cabinet has passed a proposal to put the Bangkok municipal government in charge, with the National Communications and Telecommunications Commission working on underground cables.

Bangkok’s municipal government has announced plans to launch a 20 billion baht cable line that will be fully underground within two years.

Instead of using taxpayers’ money, the plan was signed by the Bangkok city government and a company, KrungThep Thanakhom, to raise funds through bank loans and pre-payment of rent for companies that use cables.

Takorn Tantasith, secretary-general of Thailand’s National Communications and Telecommunications Commission, said plans to underground wires and cables would not only beautify the city, but also help develop the digital economy and promote the Internet of Things.