ByteDance: First 6 Medical Staff Receive 100,000RMB each

On January 27th, byteDance, the parent company of the headlines and sound, announced that the first batch of the “Chinese Red Cross Foundation ByteDance Medical Workers Humanitarian Relief Fund” would be allocated to six medical personnel in the emergency department, ICU, infection department and other departments affiliated with Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Each received 100,000 yuan, they were caught by the first line of the pneumonia outbreak against the new coronavirus infection.

ByteDance: First 6 Medical Staff Receive $100,000 each

With the development of the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, medical personnel everywhere have made great efforts to combat the outbreak. ByteDance announced on January 25 that it had donated RMB 200 million to the China Red Cross Foundation to establish the “Chinese Red Cross Foundation ByteDance Humanitarian Aid Fund for Medical Workers”. At present, the fund has officially opened its applications to the whole country, and all front-line health workers infected by the pneumonia outbreak of the new coronary virus infection can participate.

According to the fund management rules, those who meet the conditions of the fund’s relief object can be downloaded by me and my immediate family to fill out the application for the funding of the Chinese Red Cross Foundation’s ByteDance Medical Workers Humanitarian Relief Fund, which is sent to the mailbox After the Fund Management Committee, composed of the Red Cross Foundation of China, ByteDance, the local Red Cross and the local health care committee, has reviewed and determined the funding scheme, the China Red Foundation will allocate the relief funds from the special fund account.

Specific funding standards are: in order to combat the new coronavirus infection of pneumonia outbreak and confirmed infection of the first-line medical workers, after examination and confirmation, the amount of funding per medical worker is RMB 100,000; The amount of each family grant is RMB 1 million, and in exceptional cases the specific amount of the grant is confirmed by the Fund Management Committee.