15-days-bought iPhone was robbed, an Indian youth died for jumping off the train to chase the thief

What if you meet a pickpocket on the train and he takes your new phone? These two days, an Indian youth encountered such a dilemma. However, he gave a “tragic answer”. The Times of India reported Thursday that the young man was killed when he jumped from an accelerated train and chased the theif.

刚买15天的iPhone被抢 印度青年跳火车追贼身亡

(Inside the Indian railway station.) Photo: India’s News 18 news website)

The man was reportedly named as Sarap Gaushi, 27. On the evening of November 2nd, Gao Xi took a train home. The accident happened when the train stopped at Uluberia station.

刚买15天的iPhone被抢 印度青年跳火车追贼身亡

(Screenshot of the Times of India report)

Gauci was sitting at the rear of the car by the window, and he was on the phone with his new Apple phone. Watching the train start ready to leave the platform, a man suddenly rushed to Gaushi’s seat, snatched his mobile phone and jumped out of the car to escape.

Reported that after a brief shock, Gaushi decided to jump into the car to recover the mobile phone. Gauci then jumped out of the car and hit his foot on the platform, but the whole person fell to the ground. His head was still on the stone and he suddenly lost consciousness.

Unfortunately, when the police arrived, they rushed him to a nearby hospital, where He died.

It is worth mentioning that Gao Xi is a young and talented electrical engineer who works in a factory in Kolkata. Gaushi’s ability to work is so good that he has become the head of two departments in his factory at a young age. The report mentioned that Gao Xi usually lives in an apartment near the work place. On Saturday, I like to go back to my hometown to visit my family and come back on Monday.

刚买15天的iPhone被抢 印度青年跳火车追贼身亡

(The Gao’s family came to the police station.) Source: Times of India

In life, Gao Xi is very fond of this mobile phone, which has only been bought for 15 days. “He spent a lot of time exploring new features for his phone, ” says Mr. Gausch’s father.

According to police, Gao’s father is applying to retrieve the phone, saying “it’s (left) his last memory.” Phone sellers say the phone has tracking and location and are working to locate the phone. According to India’s “News 18” news network reported that the railway police have been investigated in the case, but no arrests have been made.

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