Apple Mac App Store automatically rejects apps developed using Electron framework

The developer reports that the app review process for Apple’s Mac App Store is starting to automatically reject apps developed using the Electron framework. The Electron framework, based on JavaScript and Node.js, packages web apps into desktop apps.

Apple rejects such apps because they use private API calls. These API calls are part of the Electron framework and are not in the app.

苹果Mac App Store自动拒绝使用Electron框架开发的应用

The Electron framework has been using these APIs for several years, and Apple has recently updated its service-side application review process to detect and identify private APIs that violate their app audit ingress.

Electron (formerly known as Atom Shell) is an open source framework developed by GitHub. It allows the development of desktop GUI applications using Node.js (as a back end) and Chromium (as the front end).

Electron is now used by several open source Web applications for front-end and back-end development, including GitHub’s Atom and Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code.

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