Russia’s new law says the country’s smartphones need to be fitted with software that promotes “Russian values”

The Russian government will not only ban devices in its own country that do not have software developed in Russia, but now hopes that the software will promote traditional Russian values and ethics while being popular and secure,media reported. In November, Russia passed a law banning the sale of devices that do not have pre-installed Russian software — including smartphones and televisions.

The law, which will come into force in July 2020, does not ban the use of foreign software, but requires them to provide alternative russian products to promote Russian technology and make it easier for people to use them.

Now, the federal antitrust office has drafted guidelines outlining the types of software that could become mandatory. According to Reuters, it saw in the resolution that the software should help to prioritize traditional Russian spiritual and moral values. It was not specified what the specifics were.

Software and applications can be submitted to private companies, state entities or central banks for their consideration. These will be finalized by the end of the month and submitted to the Government for adoption in March.

Critics say the bill could drive big companies like Apple out of the Russian market.