Wu Dezhou and Fang Chi of Smartisan interviewed: what’s next move after Joining ByteDance

On October 31st, The Jianguo Pro 3 was officially launched at the Olympic Stadium of Beijing University of Technology. The new machine features the Qualcomm 855 Plus flagship processor, a 48-megapixel rear quad rhododendron, a 4000mAh battery and a stylish Smartisan classic industrial design, while the new machine also brings a newly upgraded Smartisan OS 7.0 system, which is available for $2,899.

After the meeting, Wu Dezhou, President of Xinshi laboratory, and Fang Chi, designer of smartisan, accepted an interview with the media. With regard to the media’s questions, the two executives revealed the product plan and future trend of nut brand after entering ByteDance. Next, let’s take a look.


New Stone Lab president Wu DeZhou (left) Smartisan designer Fang Chi (right)

What new changes the ByteDance has made to jianguo

It is understood that after joining ByteDance, the original nut mobile phone team changed its name to Xinshi Labs, with Wu Dezhou as president. Newstone Labs will take on the role of byte-beating hardware and actively explore smart hardware products, including smartphones and educational hardware.


When asked which traditions of hammer technology will be inherited by today’s nut cell phones? What changes does byte beating bring to Jianguo, Wu said:

“In fact, the original hammer department we have been pursuing differentiated innovation, so I feel that the process design, including OS, as well as the experience of our software, these innovationpoints, we will not change, we will continue to inherit.”

He thinks that the advantages of hammer technology in the history have always been industrial design, operating system and the whole user experience, which has always been the advantages of nut products. Later products will continue to make innovations in these aspects, which is the huge difference that jianguo will always distinguish from all other mobile phone brands.

At the same time, ByteDance has very strong technical strength, whether in video, or in the entire mid-stage capability, it will be very strong. Nut Pro 3 also combines many byte technologies and makes many innovations, so it can make the user experience of the whole mobile phone better through the support of ByteDance technology.

Wu Dezhou and Fang Chi both responded to whether Luo Yonghao is the soul of hammer and whether his departure will affect the nut brand. “Apart from Mr. Luo, he is also the CEO of hammer technology. Now the whole team of jianguo still the same, so the whole work style, everyone’s ideas and direction have not changed.


Fang Chi said: “on the whole, Mr. Luo may push us very hard in our team, helping us to meet a very high requirement. Of course, the result of byte beating analysis may also give us other different requirements, but I don’t think it matters, because we only need to know what we can improve Fang, we are all willing to make all efforts for this goal.

02 About the positioning of new products

When asked about the question “whether jianguo should take a high-quality route for future product planning or continue to expand its product range to face the fierce competition in the domestic mobile phone market”, Wu Dezhou replied:

“First, the positioning of nut Pro3 (¥ 3599) is still in the middle and high end. As we have said at this conference, we haven’t had a mobile phone for a long time. We hope to give our hammer friends a better experience, so we have made a lot of innovations in software, so we also hope to have a hardware configuration to match it.”


We do choose and choose some hardware. We still hope to use steel on the blade. For example, we use the real flagship CPU, including the image. We use Sony’s imx586 to do a good job in these real experiences.

Of course, at the same time, we have a lot of old users in the interior. In fact, we have done a lot of research on our own. We also find that some quick charging functions are indeed a point. Of course, compared with other configurations just mentioned, they may be less important.

When asked about the future direction of innovation of smartisan OS and the possible areas for further innovation and improvement,

Fang Chi replied humorously, “to tell you the truth, we have some directions, but it’s not interesting to talk about it now. Let’s do it later and let’s see.” This makes nut fans have great expectations. Maybe there are more tricks in the “three piece efficiency set”.

03 About 5G Products and Future Product Planning

The 5g era has come, and 4G mobile phones are now facing fierce competition, especially the fierce price war. In this context, is it right for nut mobile phones to adhere to the differentiated mobile phone strategy?

This is a lot of people are more concerned about this, to this late answer: “I am not sure, but before we release, there should be a poster on it that reads “do the right and do the difference, which one should be done”, we feel that both should do, is that we in this design, brought a lot of different elements.

For example, we did not put LOGO center, although this thing is very important to us, but we still do not center, we still adopted some more novel design, and we also feel like our square shape, like our pure color some preferences, or trade-offs, are worth insisting. Therefore, we feel that doing the right thing and doing different things is not contradictory, they can do at the same time. “


After the release of the Nut Pro3, fans may also be looking forward to the jianguo’ next 5G phone and other new product plans. Mr Wu also gave a positive answer, saying:

“The sound in each field is not the same, we have always thought 5G is the trend, we will certainly be on, but actually now 5G, I saw last night there was a video that said that the biggest function of 5G is now the easiest for everyone to speed, including uplink speed and downtrend speed.

So, I think there may be a period of time, I think for mobile phones, this time window has been enough, of course, I just said a lot of opportunities after 5G, we will be quick to keep up, we will certainly have our own 5G mobile phone. “


What we said just now is that people have been very concerned. To be honest, Wu also admitted that jianguo are a little late in 5G, but he confirmed that jianguo will be quick to keep up in the back, 5G for everyone, is a very big opportunity. And Wu DeZhou also said that in the 5G era, nut products can have more room to play. 5G era, how to ensure products, Wu De Zhou said jianguo will still be in the user experience, industrial design, the entire operating system constantly to innovate.

The two executives didn’t give further information on the new product plan, but Wu Dezhou confirmed that the entire nut phone team in the byte beat inside the role of the hardware, the follow-up in addition to making mobile phones, but also do other smart hardware, especially in the education of smart hardware, of course, there may be a lot of other products out. He said that early next year, jianguo will have an education-based smart hardware will be released, you can expect.

Write at the end

Through the answers of two executives, Wu Dezhou, President of New Stone Labs, and Fang Chi, a Smartisan designer, we can get a rough idea of the positioning of jianguo for their own products, as well as the development of future products, and demonstrate confidence in their own products.

When the bytebeats are added, the jianguo maintain their personality while making new changes. From the release of the jianguo Pro 3 can be seen, the mobile phone market needs a full range of flowers, but also the need for highly personalized products to meet the needs of different consumer groups. To be sure, the brand of jianguo we’re familiar with is back!

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