Facebook and Thunderbolt restrict employees’ travel to China

28 (Xinhua) — Facebook and game hardware maker ThunderBolt have been among the first U.S. technology companies to restrict travel to China, according to U.S. technology media The Verge. Facebook will suspend all travel to China for non-essential employees, and the company has notified employees who recently returned to the U.S. from China to work temporarily from home, Bloomberg reported.

Facebook and Thunderbolt restrict employees' travel to China

Facebook has offices in China and uses Chinese suppliers to produce its Oculus virtual reality helmet and Portal video chat device.

The Thunder Snake also confirmed that similar measures would be taken against The Verge. A spokesman for the company said: “Our company has started to restrict travel and advises employees to work from home. “

Razer also has offices in China and uses Chinese suppliers to produce hardware, including gaming mice and keyboards, as well as headphones and laptops.

Amazon told Verge it was following World Health Organization guidelines, but did not say whether it was restricting travel to China. Apple, Google and Microsoft did not respond to Verge’s requests for comment.