A pair of rangers were left homeless by Boeing MAX’s shutdown

For Boeing, two deadly Boeing 737 Max planes have caused a number of serious consequences, including the 346 deaths that killed the company, which halted production of the 737 Max at its plant in Lenton, Washington,media reported. Its CEO was forced to leave and there were disturbing internal discussions between employees about the crash. Now, a new phenomenon of adverse consequences: a pair of rangers will be homeless.

A pair of rangers were left homeless by Boeing MAX's shutdown


According to the Seattle Times, the two birds have been nesting at the Boeing Renton plant. But now because the doors of idle factories are closed, they need to leave, or they may be trapped inside.

However, the game is notoriously difficult to capture and place. One expert, in an interview with The New York Times, said it was almost unheard of for the falcons to live and breed indoors.

According to the Audubon Society of america, in the mid-1950s, the number of ostriches in the United States had been virtually wiped out by the use of pesticides, and by the 1970s the number of ostriches in the United States had fallen to just a few hundred. Later, as the number of recreational slodas increased due to strict protective measures, people began to sometimes see them nesting in urban areas with high-rises and bridges. It is understood that the falcon can see 200 mph (about 1/3 of the 737 Max speed) in hunting mode.

If these “Boeing falcons” can’t go out hunting, they’ll starve to death in the hangar. In response, the USDA has stepped in, and it remains uncertain whether they will be able to trap the birds and settle them. However, wildlife experts say the birds may return to the hangar no matter how far they are placed. One expert noted that even if the birds were successfully expelled, it would be crucial to close the hangar at the right time in their mating cycle. If the door is closed, they will have to wait until March or later to come back, so that the pair may automatically move somewhere else.