Eating one egg a day may not be harmful to health, new study says

Media slash Gear reported that although eggs are cheap and versatile, they are still controversial in many diets. People have been worried about how many eggs they eat each week is safe, including those who have a heart attack or are at risk of having a heart attack. The latest study on the subject comes from McMaster University, where researchers found that eating up to one egg a day may not be harmful to people’s health.

Eating one egg a day may not be harmful to health, new study says

Using long-term data from three studies, the researchers found that eating one egg a day did not pose a threat to heart health, even if people had a history of cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Similarly, the study did not find a link between egg consumption and blood cholesterol levels or other risk factors for heart disease and death risk.

According to the study, for most people, eating about one egg a day is considered a “moderate egg intake.” The researchers found that most study participants ate less than one egg a day. This intake level is slightly higher than the general recommendation that people should eat less than three eggs a week to protect their heart health.

Salim Yusuf, the study’s lead researcher, acknowledged that past studies on the subject had been contradictory, but that it was because they were “relatively small or medium in size”. Similarly, these past studies have excluded participants from many countries, thus limiting data.

By contrast, the new study is based on data from more than 177,000 people from 50 countries and at different income levels. The study followed a similar study conducted last year. The study found no link between eating up to one egg a day and an increased risk of stroke.