IDC announces Q3 China 5G mobile phone shipments: vivo share 54% takes the first place

IDC, a research firm, announced china’s 5G mobile phone shipments report for the third quarter of 2019. According to the report, China’s total shipments of 5G handsets were about 485,000 units in the third quarter of this year, with vivo leading with 54.3 percent of the market, with Samsung and Huawei in second and third place. IDC according to the price segment of the first batch of domestic 5G market is divided into “band flagship” and “high-end flagship” two parts.


That’s the mid-to-high-end price of $450-$550, and the high-end price of $700 or more. At present, vivo can cover both parts of the market, Huawei, Samsung in the “high-end flagship” market layout, Xiaomi mainly occupies the high-end “band flagship” price segment, while ZTE, China Mobile is located in the market of 600-650 dollars.


This year is known as the 5G Year, domestic mobile phone manufacturers in 5G mobile phones can be described as very aggressive. Before 5G commercial services were officially launched, head manufacturers had launched their own 5G mobile phone products.

The typical representative of this is the number of vivo, which also gives it a certain first-mover advantage. In August, vivo unveiled its first 5G phone, the iQOO Pro. The 5G version was priced at 3,798 yuan, well below previous estimates for 5G phones, followed by Vivo launching its second 5G phone, the NEX 3, 5G, in September.

By contrast, vivo’s 5G phone covers two price segments with a more comprehensive layout, With Huawei focusing on the high-end flagship price point and Xiaomi mainly at the mid- to high-end band flagship price.

In addition, this month the three major operators also officially launched a 5G package. This also means that 5G is about to enter the stage of large-scale commercial, the end of this year to next year, 5G mobile phone is expected to start a large-scale change of machine.

At this point in time, mobile phone manufacturers are also once again power 5G mobile phone new products.

Sina Technology recently learned that vivo’s third 5G phone is also coming, using Samsung’s Exynos980 chip. The chip, developed jointly by Vivo and Samsung, integrates 5G modem into the platform, is an integrated 5G SoC chip, and supports NSA and SA dual models, according to people familiar with the matter. The next-generation X30 of the Vivo X line will be available and is expected to be released in December.

5G has long been seen by many mobile phone manufacturers as a new growth point and market landscape remodeling opportunities. The industry expects China’s 5G handset shipments to exceed 100 million units next year. And this year’s early layout of manufacturers, will also be next year’s market competition to win the first opportunity.

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