NASA选择Axiom Space提供国际空间站的商业居住模块舱

Media reported that NASA has chosen Houston-based Axiom Space as the supplier of the International Space Station’s first commercial residential module module module. As a start-up founded in 2016, its modules will be used for future commercial space missions to support experimental and technological development. Space travelers can use SpaceX Dragon crew capsules or Boeing’s Starliner to board space.

NASA选择Axiom Space提供国际空间站的商业居住模块舱

(From: NASA)

Michael T. Suffredini, co-founder and CEO of Axiom Space, worked as a project manager for the International Space Station at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

The company has a large number of former NASA talent in its small team, and the follow-up mission will extend the station’s service life further after reaching the goal of providing additional modules for commercial space applications to the International Space Station.

In 2018, Axiom teamed up with designer Philippe Starck, who designed luxury yachts for Apple founder Steve Jobs.

If you want to see what the future is like on the International Space Station module, learn more about Philippe Starck’s past work, such as the crew area with an interactive display and the dome with stunning earth and space views.

Although Axiom’s module may not be a mature private space station, it could still help NASA further shift the ISS to commercial applications.

Axiom’s task is also said to include providing “at least one habitable commercial module”, meaning that it may be expanded in the future to build more modules. Next, the new partner will negotiate the terms and price of the module’s contract, as well as a timetable for delivery.