7 Enterprises Submit the Rectification Plan of TV Start-up Advertising, One-click Off is Put on the Agenda

On the afternoon of November 5, it was reported that in July this year, Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission launched a special investigation into the start-up advertising of smart TV. On October 10, Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission interviewed seven smart TV operators, Skyworth, Hisense, Xiaomi, Haier, Changhong, sharp and LETV, on the issue of smart TV start-up advertising.

7家企业提交电视开机广告整改方案 一键关闭提上日程

7 enterprises submit the rectification plan of TV start-up advertising

As of October 25, 2019, in response to the special investigation results of launching intelligent TV start-up advertising by Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission, all seven enterprises involved in the interview have submitted rectification plans, which include performing the pre-sale notification obligation, improving the complaint handling mechanism and realizing the “one key closing” function, etc., and the rectification has achieved phased results.

1.  All enterprises promise to fulfill the obligation of pre-sale notification and protect consumers’ right to know.

In the plans of the seven enterprises, it is clearly promised to add prompt information in product specifications, official websites, offline stores, etc., so as to ensure that all channel sales can fully fulfill the notification obligation of “product has start-up advertising”.

2. enterprises are committed to constantly improve the consumer complaints handling mechanism.

All of the above seven operators said they would continue to improve the complaint handling mechanism, face up to consumer demands, further unblock customer service calls and improve service level.

3. The progress of the “one-click off” function is different, and the negative attitude of individual enterprises is obvious.

Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission requires the start-up advertising service to provide a “one-click off” function, so as to ensure that consumers can close the ads at any time when watching them and guarantee the right to choose. In response to this measure, most enterprises require corresponding rectification time, and some enterprises have a negative attitude.

Sharp faces up to the problems and has substantial rectification measures. Sharp made it clear that new models will be developed from November 1, 2019, and will be put into production after the function can be closed is introduced; for the existing stock models, the technical development verification will be conducted from October to December 2019, and the models will be introduced from January to June 2020.

Xiaomi, Changhong, Haier, Skyworth and Hisense all expressed the need for technical improvement, and it would take some time to work out and promote the rectification plan. Xiaomi promised to “shorten the time period for TV start-up on the basis of technology upgrading” and strive to achieve product upgrading within six months. Changhong, Haier, Skyworth and Hisense all said that they would “work together with chip manufacturers to solve technical problems” and provide product upgrading plans within the specified time limit.

LETV avoided the problem without any rectification measures. LETV clearly stated in the consumer purchase agreement that “the super TV contains power on push ads and cannot be closed”, and there is no expression of “one-click off” in the rectification plan.

Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission launches standard-setting for smart TV groups, continue to promote the implementation of the “one-click off” function of 7 enterprises. For enterprises that need technical breakthrough and time limit rectification, Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission will track the efficiency and progress of rectification in time to ensure that the “one key shutdown” function is fully implemented. For the enterprises that are not rectified or not rectified in place, Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission will take legal measures such as public interest litigation to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Work with China Electronic Chamber of Commerce to develop the group standard for smart TV start-up advertising. Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission will, in conjunction with China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, convene relevant departments, industry associations, experts, scholars and business representatives to actively promote the introduction of the standards for smart TV start-up advertising groups as soon as possible. In the middle of October, the establishment of smart TV Group standard led by Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission has been officially initiated, and will be officially launched on March 15 next year.

Actively put forward special suggestions to relevant departments on the issue of intelligent TV start-up advertising. Jiangsu Provincial Commission of consumer protection will, in combination with this special work of rights protection, suggest that the competent departments of the industry take this opportunity to standardize the business behavior of enterprises in terms of fulfilling the obligation of notification, limiting the time of starting advertising, optimizing the complaint mechanism, and realizing the “one key shutdown” function normalization.

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