OrionStar Donates Intelligent Service Robots to Medical Institutions

Cheetah Mobile’s OrionStar sent two intelligent robots to the pressured Shougang Hospital of Peking University. One of the intelligent service robot, composed of six microphone array, multi-camera module, laser navigation radar, etc., can achieve unguided consultation, automatic response to fever consultation, lead the patient and preliminary diagnosis, and can realize the doctor’s remote diagnosis and treatment of patients, to avoid direct contact between medical staff and patients and the possibility of cross-infection;

Another intelligent delivery robot consists of an autonomous navigation module and a transport box, which can carry out the work of delivering test sheets, drugs and other work according to the needs of the hospital, replaces the simple but labor-intensive process work in the process of medical care with robot, reduces the workload of medical staff and avoids the possibility of infection among medical staff on the delivery route.

Orion Star Donates Intelligent Service Robots to Medical Institutions

Due to the special nature of the outbreak, according to the needs of medical institutions and medical personnel, OrionStar said, is also urgently developing customized robots suitable for hospital treatment needs, to better adapt to the current situation of the fight against the epidemic, and provide visual, voice, navigation, big data support, real-time inspection of the medical treatment, reporting, Data-based statistics and diagnostic information help healthcare providers make faster medical decisions.

Orion Star Donates Intelligent Service Robots to Medical Institutions

It is understood that in some grass-roots hospitals, OrionStar can quickly deploy robots, to achieve the primary hospital fever consultation, guidance and preliminary diagnosis and treatment, as well as prevention and control knowledge, so that the masses can easily access effective and unified community medical services, reduce the dependence on primary medical human resources.

Cheetah Mobile and OrionStar said it will donate more intelligent service robots to medical institutions and medical personnel, including Hubei Province, especially Wuhan City, to play a role in the fight against the outbreak, and will do everything possible to provide services to the fight against the outbreak.