Hacker: Tesla to make major upgrades to Model S and X this year

Tesla will make major upgrades to its Model S and Model X models this year, and in addition to traditional software upgrades, it will also upgrade the hardware. An industry-renowned Tesla “hacker” recently shared on Twitter plans for upgrades he found in a Tesla document that revolved around hardware.

These include a new wireless inductive phone charger (in line with Qi wireless charging technology standards), two new battery types (multiple configurations), seat upgrades (waist support design), a new charging interface, and a new version of the suspension system.

The Model S, a Tesla electric car launched in 2012, was Tesla’s first self-developed car and came out on the market. In 2016, Tesla upgraded the Model S, bringing a sharper-looking front face.

Hacker: Tesla to make major upgrades to Model S and X this year

The Model X went into production in 2015 and has not changed significantly since then, although engineers have made some minor adjustments to it. Today, the two cars are eight and five years old, and according to industry standards, they really should be updated in cycles.

In addition, in terms of sales, both cars also need to be updated. In 2019, Tesla sold 19,225 Model X and 14,100 Model S in the U.S., down 26.3 percent and 45.2 percent from 2018. In the face of fierce market competition, it is believed that both models will be upgraded in the middle of this year.