Bitcoin Gold under 51 attack again

The digital currency Bitcoin Gold (BTG) was again attacked by 51 percent, with attackers double-spending about $72,000 on BTG after taking control of the blockchain – the so-called double-spending refers to the reuse of BTG. The last time it was attacked was in May 2018.

In the latest attack, the attacker reorganised the blockchain network twice after taking control of 51% of the computing power, taking 1,900 BTG (about $19,000) for the first time and 5,267 BTG for the second ($53,000).

James Lovejoy, a digital currency developer who controls 51% of the power, estimates that the attacker would have to spend about $1,200 to lease the machine.

Any entity can decide which version of blockchain the network rejects or accepts after controlling 51% of the computing power of the blockchain network.

Bitcoin Gold under attack again