report exposure “Honor of Kings” during the Spring Festival single-day peak may surpass revenue of more than 2 billion yuan

According to the author’s estimate, “Honor of Kings” during the Spring Festival’s daily peak revenue is 1.7-2 billion yuan (Jan 24th , 2020). The report’s author, “Rogue Group Leader Pai”, said the data was based on “grassroots research, estimates of server crowdedness, and paid activity.”

And today they also contacted with the relevant products and release channels,  have confirmed that the final information  proved that their estimates are accurate, “Honor of Kings” on the Luaner New Year’s eve is indeed about 2 billion yuan. ”

In this report, the author of “Rogue Group Leader Zhai Pei” also said that “Honor of Kings” may break the previous single-day/single-month revenue record in this spring (the author said that the previous single-day revenue record of  1.3 billion yuan on last year’s lunar new year eve, a single monthly revenue record of 7.1 billion in February 2019).

In addition, the author of this report also contacted with the “YinYangshi” of the front line of relevant personnel confirmed that they previously overestimated that the “YinYangShi” during the Spring Festival peak revenue(“more than 100 million yuan”) . During this year’s Spring Festival, the report said, the highest single-day revenue may not exceed 50 million yuan, while the Monthly revenue in January/February may be only 6-7 000 million magnitude. But that’s still the highest since 2019. “