Xiaomi CC9 Pro Premium DXO Scores 121 and ranks first in the world

Xiaomi’s afternoon launch is still going on, the final price of the Xiaomi CC9 Pro has not yet been announced, but DXOMark has released the Xiaomi CC9 Pro Premium version of the camera review, taking 130 minutes, video 102 points, with mate 30 Pro ranked first in the world. The following is a simple content of the DXOMark review.

小米CC9 Pro尊享版DXO得分121 并列全球第一

Main camera specifications:

Five-camera configuration

Main camera: 180 MP1/1.33 inch sensor, f/1.69 lens, equivalent 25 mm, optical image stabilization (27 megapixel output resolution)

Telephoto lens: 12.19 megapixel 1/2.6 inch sensor, equivalent to 50 mm f/2 lens

Extra-long focus lens: 7.99 megapixel 1/3.6 inch sensor, equivalent to 94 mm f/2 optical image stabilization lens

Ultra-wide-angle lens: 2011 megapixel 1/2.8 inch sensor, equivalent to 16 mm f/2.2 lens

Macro camera: f/2.4 lens for taking 2-10 cm macro photos (not included in our tests)

Double flash, one for bright light and one for soft light.

小米CC9 Pro尊享版DXO得分121 并列全球第一

小米CC9 Pro尊享版DXO得分121 并列全球第一

DxOMark said that the overall score of Xiaomi’s cc9 Pro exclusive edition is 121 points. Among all the mobile phones they have tested so far, the mobile phone and Huawei mate 30 Pro are ranked as the mobile phone with the highest overall score of the camera. Its photo score is 2 points lower than mate 30 pro (130 and 132 respectively), but it’s still one of the highest photo scores ever.

In terms of video, DXOMark says Xiaomi CC9 Pro has a 102-point score, the highest score ever seen by DXOMark, one point ahead of Google’s Pixel 4 and Samsung Note 10 plus 5G.

小米CC9 Pro尊享版DXO得分121 并列全球第一

The advantages and disadvantages of Xiaomi CC9 Pro

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