Former Apple designer introduces the story behind team building first-generation iPad

Former Apple designers Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri were involved in the development of the first iPad in 2010, according tomedia outlet Apple Insider. Although the two have now left Apple, they have recently revealed how Steve Jobs helped drive the research and development team and what surprised them with the first-time iPad.

Former Apple designer introduces the story behind team building first-generation iPad

Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri currently work for the technology company Humane, both of whom have previously been involved in the development of the first iPad. Bongiorno joined Apple in time as software engineering director for the iPad project, and Chaudhri is known for his design of the iPhone user interface.

“Steve is very excited about this project he loves,” Bongiorno told Input magazine. (This) will be a small team that will make up this new project called K48. The K48 is hardware, and Wildcat is the code name for the software. They asked me to lead the project, form an engineering team and lead K48. The project eventually became the iPad. “

“I think our initial vision was designed as a consumer device, ” says Chaudhri. One of Steve’s ideas was, for example, “I really wanted to be able to sit on the toilet and use it as a mailing tool, and that level of consumption and relaxation has become our responsibility.” We want it to replace your newspaper and we want it to replace the books in your life. “

Bongiorno and Chaudhri say what became the iPad was initially much earlier than is widely believed. Although it is now well known that the iPad was developed earlier than the iPhone, designers say the iPad began with a plan to build a multi-touch Mac.

“The iPad story goes back to the days before the phone came out,” says Chaudhri. It started as a project called Q79. Q79 is a product developed around multi-touch exploration… At the time, the company was considering introducing a multi-touch screen to Macintosh laptops. It was an iBook. “

He continued: “It turned out to be a very, very expensive job, and for Apple, building a super-expensive computer after the launch of Cube was not successful. We kind of gave up on these efforts and focused on the smaller thing, which is the iPhone. “

However, the original goal was not forgotten, and the idea of a desktop computer with multi-touch influenced how the iPad was created. “When we ‘resurrected’ the iPad, we knew it was always designed as a computer, and it was actually the ideal place for multi-touch,” says Chaudhri. Mobile phones were the first delivery mechanism, but we always knew we wanted a desktop-like screen to run a multi-touch application. “